Report on Small Business newsletter: Ontario passes $15 minimum wage

Posted by on November 24, 2017

Ontario passes $15 minimum wage

Ontario will move ahead with implementing $15 minimum wage by 2019, and enact other new worker-focused rules even sooner, as lawmakers passed a series of revised employment laws at Queen’s Park Wednesday after years of research and debate.

The labour reforms include requirements that employers pay part-time, casual and temporary employees the same rate as full-time employees for the same job; that employers must pay workers three hours’ wages for shifts cancelled with less than 48 hours notice; and extending personal emergency leave, including two paid days, to all workers. Minimum wage will reach $14 next Jan. 1 before hitting $15 a year later.

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CRA blocks calls, often gives taxpayers wrong information, auditor says

The Canada Revenue Agency blocked 29 million calls – or more than half of its call volume – over a one-year period, forcing some taxpayers to make up to four call attempts per week with no guarantee of reaching an agent, according to a new report.

Competition Bureau drops probe over abuse of dominance allegations against Loblaw

Canada’s competition watchdog has closed a 3 1/2-year civil investigation into Loblaw Companies Ltd. related to allegations it abused its dominant position in dealing with its suppliers and determined no further action is warranted.

Buying online ads to boost Christmas sales? It’ll cost you

As your company’s marketing plans begin to focus on the holidays, you may want to add digital and social media to the mix. Certainly, the audience is there. But so, sadly, are increased prices.

Disgruntled professionals to speak at Senate finance committee hearings

Sydney lawyer Nicole LaFosse will get her turn at the microphone Tuesday morning to voice her opposition to the federal Liberals’ proposed changes to small business taxes.

Pension plan in the works for New Brunswick’s self-employed

Self-employed people in New Brunswick may soon be able to better plan for retirement. This month the New Brunswick government , legislation that would allow people who are self-employed to start a pension plan for themselves and their employees.

Quebec cannabis: Activists, entrepreneur disappointed with marijuana legislation

Two cannabis activists aren’t impressed with the  Quebec announced Thursday. But a group that works to decrease impaired driving praised the proposed legislation.

Large American pot producer, retailer enters Canada with stake in Calgary startup

A large American cannabis retailer has secured a foothold in the Canadian market by taking a “significant” stake in a Calgary startup producer amid a recent spate of deal-making in the fledgling marijuana sector.

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