How the first 20 minutes of your day can set you up for success

Posted by on September 2, 2017

You all know about that morning-routine thing: Everybody raves that waking up early and sticking to a routine can help you to get more done. But if you get out of bed at 5 a.m. or 3 pm, it is the first 20 minutes of your day which could set you up for success.

The brain produces electrical patterns, frequently referred to asnbsp;waves. Scientists have foundnbsp;. When you awake, your mind works at approximately 10.5 waves per second. The range from eight to 13 Hz, or cycles per second, is the alpha phase. It has been known as the gateway to the subconsciousnbsp;thoughts.

Have you ever become a semi-daydreaming state when commuting? A couple of minutes pass, but you do not recall what happened. It is probably your brainnbsp;.

Without getting too deep into the science of brain activity, it is safe to say your subconscious mind is most active right when you wake up. You can train your mind to utilize this subconscious action to think positively and accomplish more during daily. Thisnbsp;nbsp;outlines six simple things you can do to get the most out of those first 20 minutes.

1. Don’t click on the snooze button.

Do not ever click your alarm’snbsp;snooze button. This tells your brain it is OK to procrastinate by placing your day on hold.

2. Do make your mattress.

Your room will look cleaner and feel more organized — both of which train your brain to want to get things done, immediately. It is a small triumph, but you can build on it as your daily life persists.

3. Visualize your life.

This is most likely the best thing you can do in the alpha state. Visualize your life. What is it in five years, when you have achieved your objective of building your company? How about your relationships? Concentrate on how they will look in the future and what you will need to create themnbsp;real. Tapnbsp;in your subconscious mind to ask exactly what you wantnbsp; then make your mind drive your actions.

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4. Watch anbsp;motivational video.

When you are up, not even a difficult day can get you down. If you are truly motivated, you know you will achieve your landmarks — no matter what.

Big achievements are never straightforward. During the last year, I have found inspiration from quick-hit videos which help me refocus once I begin to burn out between my studies. After you finish your visualization exercise,nbsp;nbsp;this reinforcesnbsp;the link between intention and action measures.

5. Repeat your affirmations.

Simple affirmations such as “I’ll make this day the best day in my life” can have a massive effect on your life. It worked fornbsp;. First, compilenbsp;nbsp;that match your beliefs and core values. Repeat them every morning.

6. Keep a journal.

During the last year, I intentionally developed a number of customs to becomenbsp;more mindful. Maintaining a journal ranks near the top of the list concerning impact in my life.

You can use a diary to write down a number of your affirmations, spread positive thinkingnbsp;and plan your day through thesenbsp;nbsp;Clear your mindnbsp;of any ideas that may disrupt your attention.

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