Report on Small Business newsletter: costing out the Suggested small business tax changes

Posted by on August 25, 2017

How much will Morneau’s proposed tax changes price small business? We do the math.

Accountants are busy crunching the numbers for small-business customers who might be affected by Ottawa’s proposals to close loopholes those businesses use to reduce their tax bills.

The Liberal government is seeking to eliminate what it sees as a monetary advantage individuals with corporations have contrasted with salaried employees. Business owners assert the suggested moves are unjust and may have wide-sweeping consequences in their ability to expand their businesses, and of course their own retirement objectives.

The Globe and Mail asked financial specialists to offer before-and-after situations of three of Ottawa’s proposed modifications, such as using corporations for so-called “income sprinkling” among relatives; reducing the life capital-gains allowance for a household; and so-called “passive” investment earnings, where a company owner invests money they do not need straight away in their company, in a lower tax rate, rather than carrying it out as personal income, in a higher tax rate, and investing it. (Globe subscribers)

The Liberals will only weaken the middle class if they proceed with proposed tax changes

I’d love to share the story of a great friend of mine. It is a Canadian success story. What’s happening to his loved ones, and many others like them, should concern all people.

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How to Construct a network, one friend at a time

Your network is your net worth. You have probably heard this cliché bounced around as gospel, usually from people that are well established and have been in a position to leverage their relations to enlarge their business.You’ve also probably gone into an event and met that one person whose sole purpose appears to be introducing himself to everyone, giving his card out to anyone nearby and then continuing on to another batch of humans.

Alberta challenges ruling that states its beer tax breaks trade rules

Alberta is challenging a ruling that found its own incentive program on beer sales violates interprovincial free-trade obligations. Finance Minister Joe Ceci says the government is appealing last month’s decision by a federal internal trade panel.

Caveat exporter: Canadian firms selling through Alibaba face big challenges

In January, shortly before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma fulfilled the president-elect and made a splashy guarantee: Mr. Ma’s e-commerce firm, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., would create one million jobs in america by helping the United States’ small companies export to China.

Ottawa weighs using ‘social procurement’ strategy to encourage women, minorities

The Liberal government is considering using its large buying power to support women in business.

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Mapping feminist enterprise in Toronto

Mellisa Shaddick and Christine Gresham were frustrated that they could not find a woman-identified bicycle mechanic in Toronto. This setup an entrepreneurial “click on” and they invented a better way to discover products and services from feminist entrepreneurs in town.

Are small companies prepared for the LRT in Mississauga?

The mayors of both Mississauga and Brampton laud structure of this Hurontario LRT as a significant development for sustainable transit as both towns grow. The 20 km of dedicated rapid transit through the Hurontario corridor would further link the two cities economically and physically, with 22 stops between Port Credit Go Station in Mississauga and Gateway Terminal in southern Brampton. The idea is to reduce travel times and reduce congestion throughout the GTHA.

Longer is better and do not invent words: choosing the right name for your business

While logos are highly visible, the written element of branding gets a lot less attention.

New policy allows Alberta farmers’ markets sell spirits and beer

A new policy released on August 15 approved the sale of spirits and beer at these places, but just because it is allowed now does not mean that you’ll locate them there straight away.

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